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    Hi, new member here.
    I was just wondering if anyone can suggest any books on building ornamental iron projects? I have googled and only seem to come up with manufacturers who want to sell products. I am a 35 year welder and want to try ornamental as I usually do structural buildings. New side hobby.
    Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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      Try Jansen or Kings metals

      Kings has a very good selection of metal working, design, and welding books. Also try Jansen iron. With luck you may be able to download a book of designs from one of them. Jansen has 1 business in the Los Angeles area. Kings is bigger and has 3 branches.


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        The Design Concepts is Free*31065@@

        King is a Supplier but they are a good supplier.
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          Shop Outfitters has a book with some pictures and ideas.



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            Originally posted by Jim-TX View Post
            Shop Outfitters has a book with some pictures and ideas.

            i have that book and king has a design catalog


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              Thank you

              Thank you all for your responses. I have ordered catalogs from both.

              Thanks again!



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                Tripple S steel

                Triple S steel has three branches in the US and has catalogs, books and all kinds of shapes of steel already to be included in your design. Their main address is
                Triple S Steel Supply
                Po Box 21119
                Houston Tx 77226
                Their supply store here in Knoxville, Tn. has been very willing to sell small amounts and to cut them to fit pickup truck if needed. Don't know about shipment to Canada but their catalog is very full with over 330 pages of equipment and premfg shapes, baskets, spindles, scrolls and castings.


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                  Along with Kings and Jensens
                  This one is current it is a link to my book review on the Hobart site was available at the big box hardware store book sections

                  Plain and Ornamental Forging by: Ernst Schwarztkopf

                  Bent iron work
                  Is probably the first one you should get has all the basic for the type ornamental iron work. Commonly miss described as wrought iron work
                  All are in the thread on the books for metal workers.
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