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  • Miller Aead-200le

    I am more interested in the generator side of a welder that was given to me by my father in law. It seems to generate fine when the engine is idling slow, but when the engine runs fast it doesn't have any output at the receptacles. Does anyone know why? Thanks.

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    Go here and download the manual for the unit

    It make generator power at 1800rpm.
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      i got one of them, and it'll generate 60 hz power at 1800 rpm. when at weld rpm (high idle) it will generate 100 hz power at the "other" receptacle. mainly for a light bulb or something like that. if you use it for a grinder, make sure that your grinder is an ac/dc unit, the 100 hz will burn it up, if its not

      nothing fancy, just a few hot glue guns for metal


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        Hi RayRay3738,
        Your AEAD supplies 60 Hz of power at idle. When it goes to 3000 RPM weld speed, the main bank of receptacles is supposed to go dead so that higher frequency power does not go to motors, pumps, etc that could be plugged in and are not designed for higher power frequency. There is a separate single receptace that can be used for power at higher speeds. It is 100 Hz power which is OK to use for lights and most AC/DC power tools (check your tool specs. to make sure).

        I hope this answered your question.

        Have a great day,
        Have a great day!

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          Aead 200le

          I would concur with the other posts, one receptical shuts off while at welding (high idle). I have not posted too much here, but I have been lurking around for quite a while. There is plenty of great info and ideas here. Thanks to all of you for your great posts.

          I posted a little while back asking if it is possible to set up this unit with a TIG. I am not sure about it but somewhere someone told me that it was possible. Any ideas?

          Oh yea, by the way if your machine doesn't already have an inline fuel filter in it, you might want to put one in. I have gone through two fuel pumps because of stuff damaging the diaphram on the pump.


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            Aead 200-le

            Hi there. I had a Miller AEAD 200LE also, but the engine died when the switch ,S1, was put in the power position. It is fitted with a wonderful engine that cranks over first time. I have decided that I cannot figure out what is wrong with the generator.

            This is a Post script: On Sunday, my boys and I disposed of the machine. It seemed to be too expensive to renovate. You cannot do things on the cheap these days, so I'm looking out for a modern model welder/genny.

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