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  • Brazing Surface

    I picked up a roll around cart that was being scrapped at work thinking I would make a brazing table out of it.

    My idea was to build an edge around the top and put firebrick inside for the surface.

    Well firebrick has turned out to be hard to locate. With several uncles that make a living laying brick, I thought this would be easy to find. It seems that they use a metal fire box now days for fireplaces.

    What surface would you use for this project?

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    Quick google search turned up this company that sells fire brick
    I'm sure if you talked to a store that sells fireplaces and wood stoves they would also have a source of these firebrick as i'm sure there are a lot of older stoves that need them replaced occasionally
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      Originally posted by Hardrock40 View Post

      Well firebrick has turned out to be hard to locate.
      That's unusual. You can buy it by the pallet load out here in Phoenix. I lined the bottom of my cutting table, and chop saw stand with it.

      Check out

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        orscheln or tractor supply farm stores usually have them.
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          Your right. Tractor Supply has them. Thanks guys

          I might get to do this project after all.