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    I recently bought a MM 175 and have been relearning how to weld. In the last few weeks I have welded just about everything I can to get some practice. I wanted to get some feedback to see if I’m getting any better and if I’m making some decent welds. Will to take any advice. I have included some pictures.
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    When you post picture of youre welds you should include info on youre set up, wire size, feed rate, sheild gas, metal thickness and anything I may ave forgot. I'm not one to critique a weld but my first impreasion looks like you might have too much angle. I'm not a mig welder so dont put to much weight on my advice.
    Dont forget to post the amperage you are welding at.
    To all who contribute to this board.
    My sincere thanks , Pete.

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      it kind of looks like you have you wire speed too high and too little amperage. also your travel speed may have been a bit too fast. but I could be wrong, if you tell us your settings and everything that burninbriar mentioned we can help you better.

      Hope that helps,


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        If that were done with a stick welder, you could say there's not enough penetration.
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          I don't think youre that far off. I would slow down your travel speed and bump your wire speed down a bit...then post a few pics. Really it's hard to say...I'm one of those that welds more by sound and feel than what the dials are set to...


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            just keep practising, it takes time to learn it. but you are doing the correct thing by asking questions. just keep at it and asking others knolige and you will get their.
            and you got a Blue machine, Thats the Best!


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              Wirespeed IS the amperage!

              On the MM175, you have one knob voltage, one knob wirespeed. Wirespeed controls the amperage. Try moving in circles, it'll lay flatter. Write your info and we can help you better. The MM175 is a GREAT machine!!! .035 wire with argon/co2, do a 3/8" plate, and bend test...FLAWLESS!!!
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                Try pushing the weld vs pull. You'll get slightly less penetration, but a flatter bead.

                Might also go up one on the V setting. Looks like you could use a little more heat in the weld. Where are you (settings wise) relative to the door chart for the thickness material you're working on.

                While learning, I've found it sometimes helpful to use a guide to keep the bead straight. That way you can focus on the puddle and travel speed.
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                  Dudes...this is a 2 year old thread...he either got the hang of it or gave up

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                    Dudes...this is a 2 year old thread...he either got the hang of it or gave up
                    yeah! Isn't it funny? I caught that too! Probably a drawback from what McDoogle did and how Admin had to cancel all his posts! Gives some of us new guys to get the old info that you more experienced guys gave and put that in my book!!!
                    I'm not late...
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