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Dynasty 200 gas control

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  • Dynasty 200 gas control

    I just started playing with my new dynasty 200. I am new to TIG.

    Do I need a trigger for gas? That is the impression I got from the manual. Or is it triggered automatically?

    Does anyone know of a good book that covers this machine in detail? Seems like a lot of options to consider in setup

    Thanks Loren

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    Gas is automatic

    Welcome Loren!

    The Dynasty 200 starts the gas flowing after you begin appling amps. It also allows you to adjust the PostFlow, which is how long the gas flows after you stop the amps. Post Flow is to protect the hot metal from the atmosphere. I've got mine set to about 10 seconds, but the torch must be held over the weld while the gas is flowing; otherwise the gas isn't protecting the weld as it cools and the gas is wasted.

    The manual that comes with the Dynasty does a pretty decent job of explaining the features, but it assumes you already know when to use the features. For example, it explains how to adjust the PostFlow in seconds, but doesn't explain why you would want to use 10 seconds vs. 20 seconds.

    If you need some background on TIG, here's a pretty decent discussion of the TIG process

    A more indepth introduction to TIG is the Miller Handbook

    The more you read, the more knowledgable you will become with the "buzz-words" necessary to purchase consumables and metal. I feel much better prepared when I go into my local welding shop and ask for a "3/32 1.5% Lanthinated tungsten electrode", than "the pointed thing in the gun" like I used to do when I first got started.

    The Dynasty is a GREAT machine, and has lots of features you can "grow into" as you improve your welding skills. The good news it that you won't be held back by a bare-bones rig. The bad news is that all the bells and whistles can be intimidating at first. However, the manual does have some default settings for thicknesses of specific metals. Start with these, tweak them slightly and see if you like the difference.
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      Hey thanks Dave

      Big help. Is there a trick to setting gas flow? On MIG of course I pull the trigger and adjust flow.



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        Got Gas?

        There are two gas adjustments, Pressure and Postflow.

        For pressure, use the flowmeter which is attached to your Argon tank. Usually 15-20 lbs range is good. I generally use 18 lbs. Argon is 1.5 times heavier than air, so if you are pointing the torch down (which is the usual positon), then 18 lbs is fine. If you are doing overhead, then it may have to be closer to 20 lbs (or more) to keep the gas around the puddle.

        For Postflow (the amount of time the gas runs after you take your foot off the pedal) it is the ADJUST button on the far right on the Dynasty control panel. Make sure the upper option is lit, rotate the knob to get the number of seconds you like. TIG away!

        Another item that can help keep your gas flowing nicely is to use a gas lens (please refer to the attachment). It is the same thing as the areator on your bathroom faucet. If you remove the areator on the faucet the water will come out in a random fashion. Replace the areator and it will come out in a predictable steady column of water. Similarly, the gas coming our of the TIG torch will "flutter", unless a gas lens is used to even-out the flow. They cost about $4 and REALLY make a difference in the quality of the gas flow. Note that the gas lens need to match the size of electrode you are using. The style of torch must also be matched. (The one pictured is for a water cooled Weldcraft-type torch.) There is also a collet ($2) that fits in the back of the gas lens to tighten around the electrode. Take your torch (or a picture of it) into your local welding shop and they will be able to fix you up.
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          There is a setting for Pre-flow as well on the 200's, the 300's have it without getting into the menu. It is in the menu's, I cannot remember which buttons to hit to get to the pre-flow setting(the manual tells you how). The flow setting is in CFM not Lbs. I set mine about 15 CFM max any more you are just paying the gas man.Do you have the foot pedal control with your machine ? As soon as you hit the foot pedal the gas should start.
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            Miller should commission somebody to write a book to cover the Dynasty and Maxstar series of welders. They could use as a model the user guide type of book available for telescope hobbyists for example. Even if the purchase price didn't cover the cost, increased sales of these machines would probably make up the difference.

            A lot of people will go into a Miller dealer to window shop-imagine if they could pick up such a book how many would go on to buy the product.

            In any case there is a lot more to be said about the 200DX than is written in the 84 page manual.

            Just for comparison: $80 ViaCad software package comes with a 340 page manual.