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Cold Galvanized Paint and Chem Prep Source

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  • Cold Galvanized Paint and Chem Prep Source

    I need a source for buying 1 gal of bright cold galvanizing paint and 5 gallon pail of some type of chemical prep (acid solution). I found this bright cold galvanized paint at American Fence but it only comes in spray cans. I'm in the process of building a cattle corral that I need to prep and paint. I like the bright cold galv paint because it matches the galvanized cattle panels I'm welding on. Other types of cold gavl I've tried come out a dull gray and look like primer.

    I'm going to call the paint manufacturer and see what dealers they have locally, but thought you guys might have been through this before and have some tips for me.

    While I know what type of paint I'm after, I'm wide open to any ideas about the chemical prep. Even though I have a large sandblasting rig and compressor, I want don't want to go that route with this project.
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    Gary I’ve seen painters use white vinegar to prep galvanized sheetmetal before painting.
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