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  • Quick attached system

    The bottom 4 " solid stock snapped in half bending the top 4 " solid stock enough for our good old press to make funny faces and funny noise.
    I would of changed the snapped bottom stock but the customer wanted me to straighten everything and welded back together.
    I'm not done yet but here's a few pics
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    that looks like lots of fun. i have had to fix things like that befor that are just not ment to be fixed. did they tell you how they broke it


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      I love doing this kind of job.
      There was stops for the grab arm that were damaged and should have been fixed a while ago and the grab arm broke them futher extending the cylinder arm at it's fullest and hitting the 4" round stock snapping it completely bending the entire quick attach. I would have took a pic of before I straighten it, but only picked my camera during my lunch and I had it straight on the table by then.
      Lots of force on these cylinders, I couldn't believe it that they said there was no damage to the cylinder
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        I just love it when the customer decides they are an engineer and a weldor as well. I have turned down many jobs, not because of the jobs, but because of the customer!
        Sometimes there's no second chances.


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          Just a bit of carnage eh daniel, make sure to show us the results of the repair!

          Those large repairs can be fun I agree, as long as its not in the middle of a mud pit and they want it fixed by morning