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  • Proposed Changes to Message Board Structure

    Based on comments received, we plan to combine the Welding Projects and Motorsports (Ask Andy) boards into a single message board (only one login required) and add a limited number of categories.

    It seems a few more categories might make the information easier-to-find and more organized. Last month, a small group of active members reviewed and commented on the proposed plan. The response was mostly favorable, although a few expressed concern. Here are the category suggestions:

     Welding Projects & Repairs
    Description: Whether you want to build it or need to fix it, share advice, ideas, plans and photos. (includes current Projects archives)

     GearHeads
    Description: Motorsports topics ranging from stock cars to street rods and motorcycles to trucks.
    (includes current Motorsports archives)

     Welding Discussions
    Description: How-to, techniques, troubleshooting & welding processes.

     Welding Eqpt. & Metalworking Tools
    Description: For purchase advice, service or set-up of welding and cutting equipment and other shop tools.

     Welding for a Living
    Description: Information about starting or expanding a business, welding careers, certifications and “life in the shop” talk.

     Discussion Forum Questions & Help
    Description: Questions and suggestions about message board functionality.

    We appreciate any thoughts or suggestions on the proposed category list, titles and descriptions.

    Thank you very much!
    The Miller Message Board Team
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    I like it the way it is, this is why I am here and not on the Hobart site.


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      Change can be good or it can be bad. Just hope you don't get carried away like they did on the Hobart forum. IMHO they just about ruined it.

      I really like this forum like it is and bought a new Trailblazer because of it.
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        One stop shopping

        It seems fine the way it is now.

        Currently I can cruise through the posts, clicking one the ones of interest. Having to click on 6 subjects to see the same posts seems like more work, IMHO.

        Please do NOT chop-up the subjects into narrow focus areas, so we have to click all over the place to see what posts are out there.
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          Thank you for your feedback so far! Keep 'em coming!

          As far as finding items in separate categories, we will still have a "new posts" link/button so you can see all posts in chronological order as you do now without categories. In fact, we are keeping the same software, so it will look/feel as it does now, but you will have the choice to either view posts in a limited number of categories or in chronological order.

          We are proposing 6 fairly broad (in our opinion) categories. If you have suggestions of how you would prefer our boards to be structured, (more categories, fewer categories, no categories) we'd love to hear from you! If you don't want to post publicly, you can e-mail me at Webmaster "at" or private message me.

          When responding, please help us understand why you might be saying "keep it the same" or "one category only". Giving a rationale will help us make better and more logical decisions regarding your wishes in the end.

          Thank you for your interest and participation!


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            I'm with the above.

            I think it's just fine as is.

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              Like the others so far - I like it the way it is...
              Some categories may not apply to me in the new forumn , so I doubt I would look at them all. When they are all grouped into one (like now), I usually look at them all and end up learning a thing or two, or get a little inspiration to try something different. Whatever the powers that be decide to do, I'll still be a loyal visitor and maybe even be able to contribute or thing or two....


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                Visit the Hobart site, it is confusing, especially to a new person. As previously posted all catagories may not be looked at and therefore valuable info may be overlooked.
                Just my humble thoughts.


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                  I would prefer to see them combined... I always thought it was weird to have two seperate message boards on the same site that talked about a lot of the same stuff. The motorsports forum doesnt have enough motorsports related content to really justify its name. I do think that once both message boards are merged, it would help to corral all the "gearhead" discussions a bit.

                  I would try and keep the number of forums on the message board to a bare minimum also. A lot of sites try to have a seperate forum for just about every possible topic and I dont think it works out to well.

                  The site is not bad as is, I've always enjoyed it, but it could use some streamlining and tidying up IMHO.


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                    Of the boards I go to, I like this style the best. You have two places to post. Here and Andy's. While this one is titled projects more goes on here than just projects. And more goes on at Andy's than ask him. Any new post goes on top. Available for replies by the users without having to click new posts, hunt, and peck around. I cruise this site, Andy's, Hobart's and a few others; such is my interest of the individual experiences of welding. Got a project, go here. Got a question go to Andy's. Simple, direct, and real time one after another. Go to some other sites, looking for what's new? have to click and wait again. Here? it is all up front. That is what I like about these two sites. It runs just like a message board and flows like water. Things of interest hang in there or fall by the wayside. Need info, ask or search. What could be better. Great here it is. All that being said, I will support this site to the best of my knowledge, humor and whit whichever comes first, in any direction you chose. After all, sending a guy a board for a Millermatic 135 for free 1 year out of warranty puts Miller pretty well way far up on top of the totem pole in this day and age from where I sit. You have lost a sale doing it, but he will remember it always. I mean Its unheard of 1 year outta warranty you know. Thanks for doing it for him. Steve


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                      In generally looking at the responses, I'm seeing either "keep it the way it is" or "too many categories, pare it down".

                      If you'd like to see fewer categories, which ones would you keep? How would you name/combine them?

                      The categories are meant to help you find information more quickly. The intention is to make the categories broad enough so that it doesn't disrupt the flow of discussion/community.

                      Technically, we do have two "categories" already: Projects and Motorsports. (they're just in two separate boards) Since we are making structural changes by merging the boards, the time to adjust categories (if that is what we decide to do) is now, which is why we've proposed revised/new categories. If you haven't already given feedback, please do so. The more specific the better. Thank you!


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                        As long as there is a way to browse through all the new posts without clicking in each category. I check this site & ask Andy almost daily & look at the new posts. It's simple & if you want to find something use the search feature. No need to break it up into many categories.
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                          I would prefer it left the way it is.


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                            i like it just the way it is. like others said it gets confusing on where to look for answers and what category to post in


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                              I prefer the weldingweb and new Hobart forums to this one and that's why I spend more time there. But I do come here for Dynasty and Passport info.

                              I like multiple categories in one main site.
                              I don't like turning pages: make it 50 posts per page.
                              The changing ads on the side are a distraction.

                              Don't be afraid to make changes; these old guys resist change but they'll come around in a week or two after they've forgotten the old setup.