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Finger vs Foot

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    finger vs foot

    Hey signwave, just thought i would give some info on this.

    I have used both and i do prefer the on-off switch much better, the reason is for better control of the torch for out of position welds and if your doing alot of fine quality welds you would want this type all it is a (kisser butten) that goes right below the head of your torch you can velcro it or tape it on and also when you set your heat on the machine to what your welding and leave it unless your welding thicker or thinner depending on work your doing, so when you start to weld just push the button and start welding, I'm useing this set-up with a syncrowave 250 and like i said i love this set-up, but we also have syncrowave 300 at work and all of them have the thumb roller switch and foot pedal depending on machine thats in the department,and with this set-up you would again set your max heat on the main source and use the thumb roller to adjust your heat at the torch head when your welding, the more heat you need the more you roll the switch till your at max heat and when done welding roll it back to off position, it's nice for straight position welds but not good for out of positons and the other thing is it's bulky if your not use to this type of set-up. I hope this helps you get a better idea of what you might decide for your set-up.
    Syncrowave 250/Coolmate-3-(home)
    RMS-14 (kisser button)-(home)
    Craftmans/S-K tools-(home)
    Grizzly 16" vert band saw-(home)
    DeWalt chop saw-(home)
    Craftsman 4"-7" hand grinders
    Lincoln 225 arc welder
    Lots of vise clamps(not enough)
    assortment bar clamps