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Welding table build

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    That is a nice table. I've wanted to do cut-outs like yours on my table, but haven't gotten around to it yet. My top plate is 1" thick and I think I'll have to rent/borrow a track to cut it nicely.


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      That looks great, when ever you feel like getting rid of it just drop it off here in MD


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        Looks great.

        Thanks for the info on the slot width. I'm thinking of a much lighter design but like the slot idea.
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          Welding Table

          That is one of the best looking tables I have ever seen!

          You did a great job, thanks for sharing!



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            Very nice work. I like the slots.


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              That is a very ingenious fab table you have. Look's great!
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                thanks all, still a few things i want to add to it, dedicated space for clamps, holder for grinders, maybe an expanded metal shelf at the bottom. I figure i will use it for a bit and see where things need to go to be convenient. shop is going to get rearranged again to get the lathe on the same wall as the electrical panel so i don't have to run conduit ( leased space). I really hate having extension cords all over the ground so I am looking at options there as well
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