I am considering starting a welding business and thought I would get some advice from you guys. I started welding about a 1-1/2 years ago and have decided that Tigging aluminum is my favorite process. I called an industrial welding inspector in Memphis and got some good info on getting certified. I am going to sign out the aws code book from their office to read up on the cert process. I am meeting with my CPA in the morning to get the lowdown on licensing, taxes,LLC, liability issues etc,,. I have spent several days checking on the availability of people that can tig aluminum and I was surprised how few I could find. I called boat repair shops, auto shops,equipment rental places to see who they use and most were having to send out for repairs. The couple of people that can tig aluminum here stay very busy. I own all my own equipment and a flatbed dually. I will have to get a power supply if I go mobile but I am not sure if I want to do that. I have a full time job that allows me three days off during the week. I don't have dreams of work falling in my lap. I know I am going to have to spend some time introducing myself and passing out cards. I really want to do this. I'm sure there are things I hav'nt even considered that will catch me by surprise. I am wanting some advice. I intend to keep this a simple one-man operation. ,Thanks, Adam