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    Check out There are about 5,000 members and chapters all over the US and other countries as well. The international conference is in Memphis starting June 2nd. There is a gallery and three days of demonstrations.

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      My primary source of income is custom gates and Custom fence. As a designer/ Weldor/ Business Owner, blacksmiths have appreciated my outsourcing very much. It is not to say that I can not do what they do, however, it maybe too timeconsuming and cut proffits. Not to mention if I were to do everybit of work myself my prices would be throug hthe roof and my market would be so slinder that my bank account would follow. As a business owner you need to work most efficiently (ie most profitably) while still working under strict ethics to provide the consumer with a product that they are very happy with and payed the RIGHT price for... not the cheapest, not the most expensive but the right price for the right work. You can play up your prices and call down on discounts but in the end the right price is the right price.

      Out sourcing to the black smith is creating what we call business networking. the more work you throw there way the better bang for your buck. this means your quality of work goes up, the price in bulk goes down and you get return customers as do the black smiths in you. outsourcing is a very efficient way to maximize proffits and minimize expenses. Just remember your ethics when dealing with others yourself.
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        All of this talk of old time blacksmith techniques makes me want to sell the welding machines, I could then buy a bellows get a bed coals and beat on things with a hammer

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