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Millermatic 135 Amperage Problems

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    Originally posted by Dirtbmw20 View Post
    WOW !!! I just got off the phone with Miller and they said they would send a pc board to my distributor for FREE, I would only have to pay my distributor's labor charges for installing the board, even though the machine was over 1 year out of warranty. That's pretty good customer service right there.
    Ask your dealer if you can install it yourself. Miller has to ship it to the dealer, but when my TB301G needed a new board (for a feeder upgrade, not broken) I wanted to do it myself, even though the dealer would for free.

    It's very simple, just don't build up any static electricity while you do it. Heck, you'll probably pay more attention to that than the high school kid your dealer has in the back room fixing it.


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      MAC, I have several dealers in my town but the one I took it to actually is a good friend of mine that owns it, or I'm good friends with the owners SON to be more specific. I met the guy who is going to work on it today when I took it in and thankfully he is not some young high school kid who doesn't know what he's doing, he is very capable and qualified to do the repairs. They actually use to sponsor my BMW dirt track race car (hence my screen name) many many years ago so I honestly don't think they are going to even charge me to install it, even if they do, I'll happily pay their 1 hour fee versus the price for the board PLUS the installation.


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        You're lucky; definitely take advantage of that!


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          Now THAT is an exellent thing happening.


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            Glad to see that Miller took care of you. Would the red welder (lincoln) company have done the same thing????? Probably not.
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