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Small sheet metal brake project

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  • Small sheet metal brake project

    took a look at a bunch of small brakes, problem was i wanted it to be able to bend thicker metal without buying a 1000lb 6ft long bohemouth so i played with some idea's in my head and this is what i came up with

    here is the hinge detail there 3/8" thick flat bar the bolts are there to jig the assembly for welding they were later drilled to 1/2" and replaced with drill rod. they are also upside down,

    here are the hinges situated on the base which is a hunk of 6" x 2" channel about 2" long.

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    now I added the folding bar thing this is cold rolled flat bar i think its 1/2" thick the cold rolled was used because the edge is nice and square and dimensionally accurate, while hot rolled is rounded and scalely.

    the top clamp is a piece of 2 1/2" x 1 1/4 angle with a piece of 1 1/4x 1 1/4 angle welded on it for strength

    heres a close up of the end detail:

    this is it finished there are 2 NFF 1/2" bolts for the clamp. Now if you look above the coke can you can sorta see the back check which is there to keep the clamp from pushing back with heavier sheet metal in it.

    thats what i ended up with, the metal in it is .065" sheet metal and it did it fairly easy, i think its limit is about .080" overall it works quite well, anyways i though i would share...

    Garage Guy Chris
    -Miller matic 210 w/ spoolgun
    -Syncrowave 180SD


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      Looks like it will work really well. I'm going to have to start scrounging to make one of my own. Good job.


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        Nice job. It looks like it should serve you well.

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