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Rolling truck and walk thru gate

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  • Rolling truck and walk thru gate

    Here's a project that's kept me busy for a while. The rolling gate is 39 feet long. It's made from 2" diameter tubing 3/16th wall. It does fish tail a bit, but thats how long he wanted it.
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    Nice job, bet the rolling gate was hard to get square

    What else is there besides welding and riding. Besides that

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      7 , 8 close the gate

      nice looking gate and mandoor. Are you going to add anything to this set up so the client can get rid of the ugly piece of chain? like a steel tab on the gate and the post with a hole to pass the lock shackle through?
      Will it weld? I loooove electricity!

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        Believe me, if it were up to me it would be there! It's a shared gate and he wanted a chain with 2 different keyed pad locks.
        Yes, it was very hard to keep straight and square. A lot of luck played into this.