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Looking to buy a new 250A MIG Machine...

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  • Looking to buy a new 250A MIG Machine...

    I recently sold a Lincoln SP250 Mig welder. It was made back in the early-mid 1990s and had push button and pre-programmed settings along with a digital display screen that could display the settings in several different languages including Japanese! It had an "international style" MIG gun with an extra switch to toggle back and forth between settings. With built-in spot and stitch functions, it really was a neat unit. Since I bought it at auction with the intent on fixing it and selling it, I did just that. I did enough welding with it while testing to realize that my darling MM210 was lacking the "oomph" of a 250 amp machine and that it might be time to upgrade.

    As mentioned above, I am looking to upgrade my MM210 to a 250 amp machine (with spoolgun). Although initially leaning towards the MM251 with a 30A spoolgun, I recently had an opportunity to check out a Lincoln PowerMig 255C up close. It has so many additional features over the Miller that it may win out over the MM251, such as: downward slope of Mig gun where it exits the front of the machine, inside the cover connections of mig and spool gun, mig wire guide near drive rollers, 120v outlet in back, low-lift height for tank, optional (about $150) and easily mounted in front panel spot timer panel, seperate, lockable storage compartment big enough to hold a sixpack, etc.

    The only drawback is the SG250 Lincoln spoolgun included in the spoolgun "package". I've never held one but it really looks like a P.O.S.! I do have a line on a new plug-and-play Prince XL for about half price though... The only thing the Miller has going for it is the 30A spoolgun with which I became very intimate with during a 3-year refit of a 72' aluminum power yacht a few years ago (the boat owned the welder [304? with adapter box]). I'm sure I will miss the petite 3035 but I'm finding I need something with more duty cycle capability (Prince [and 30A] 100% D.C. at 200A). I have a few months to decide although I have been known to buy impulsively. I would buy a MM251 if it had the PM255C features. What do you think about the Miller MM251 with 30A spoolgun, the Lincoln PM255C with/without the SG250 spoolgun, and the Prince XL spoolgun? Don't forget to check out the nifty timer panel.

    Thanks for your input!
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    TA Arcmaster 185 w/TIG/Stick Kit
    MM210 w/3535 Frankengun
    MM140 w/o AS w/SM100 & CO2
    Hobart (Miller) 625 Plasma
    Hobart 250ci Plasma
    Victor O/A (always ready, but bored)
    Lincoln Patriot Autodark (freebie)
    .45ACP Black Talons for those difficult jobs