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  • PROJECT: Saving Some Money...

    Hey guys,
    A couple years ago, I had a job offer to make several thousand various size brackets for a fellow & a lot of future work. I did some web searching & found this Handi-Bend on one of the shop sites. You can see the price as it was then. Their unit could handle up to 10"W material. I didn't need anything that large, so I designed & fabbed mine to take up to 4" W material. I got into the residual cutoff pieces box & started digging for the material I needed. Yup....found it all. This project needs a lathe & mill, so if you don't have one, you'll have to find someone to trade some services for. The only parts I bought were the return springs. I have a couple projects I will post to show how useful this unit is & the ease to bend up to 1/4". Here's some pics.

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    That looks similar to the unit Nick (Monte) made.


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      Nice work Denny,

      I like the design, I only wish I had a mill. But I don't so I am looking at everything I can find and going to try to take the best of each and get one made with out a mill.

      Denny, off the top of your head, whats the thickest you have bent so far?


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        i made one of these after a guy posted a sticky on how to build one on yellowbullet...very handy and can be made for cheap especially if you have access to a lathe and mill...i have peanuts into mine...