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PROJECT: Easy Scroll Bender

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  • PROJECT: Easy Scroll Bender

    Hey guys,
    I'm gonna post some easy projects for the youngsters/newbies & weekend warriors..... ok, you experienced fellows can do them too. These will allow you to learn some fabrication & welding to enhance your skills & make some neat crafts if you like making them. We 'ol timers have a lot to give away to help & teach.... all for free.

    This one is a scroll bender I made to use in the shop for some of the crafts I make & use to bend for fabrication or repairs. I made several diameter radius inserts tht will cover most bends/scrolls. The pics are kinda self-explanatory as to configuration & you can make it any size you need. This one will take up to 4" widths & hotroll(h/r) is much easier than coldroll(c/r). When I need to do thicker c/r, I use the O/A persuader. Here's some pics.

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