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The begining of Portable Chop Saw Table out of scrap materials

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  • The begining of Portable Chop Saw Table out of scrap materials

    Decided to take a stab at building my self a portable chop saw table
    That would be more easily transportable on small jobs being my other table is 16' long and just a pain in the rear to transport anywhere.

    So I got a bit bored and was looking at all the junk that I was fixing to haul off to salvage later an old bed frame and some pretty worthless roller stands from HF so now I need to figure out what to use as legs not sure if I should just make it as a table top with short legs or shoot for folding legs

    The extended supports will make it an overall length of 8' with the extension wings

    if it works out will post pics when done
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    I've been thinking of doing the same thing

    I've been thinking of doing the same thing. Please post pictures when complete. Good Luck!
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      Up Date a little more scrap found for this project

      Figured id up date the post a little was trying to figure out the legs for it
      so just thought I could utilize more of the bed frame and some pipe and the bottom of the HF roller stand joined the left over pieces of the HF roller stand with some 3/4 pipe to make the legs and the folding portions of the bed frame
      To use as the hinged part to lock in the legs being they have sort of a stop on them.

      Will post more pics later

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        Ok this is what I have so far for the portable chop saw table

        Ok this is what I have so far

        I need some suggestions on what I should do for the empty spots
        Beside the saw should I fill in with expanded metal or flat plate like maybe 1/8"
        Or should I just leave it open??

        I still have some shaping to do to the sharp edges and paint; it is pretty strong and stable. it will secure to the inside wall on my welder trailer with a self locking wing nut to secure it to the side wall and with out taking other useful room also.

        So what do you think?? Any suggestions filling in the open areas.

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          Awesome. I'm going upstairs now to cut up my bed!

          Nice job.
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            I have been thinking of a way to be able to move my saw outdoors and not having to work on the ground or pad. I have had a couple of idea and your bench is going to be part of the plan. Thanks


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              "Bed Knobs & Broom Sticks"

              Originally posted by Matt_in_Brooklyn View Post
              Awesome. I'm going upstairs now to cut up my bed!

              Nice job.
              Hope it isn't a water bed
              "Bonne journe'e mes amis"


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                ok finaly

                here it is for the most part will be adding a back shield later for the sparks
                and the mounts to put it on my welding trailer

                well what do ya think? all from scrap crap!

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                  Remember to keep it light enough to lift.
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                    Good job.
                    I've been wanting to build something along those lines for the shop's chop saw for quite awhile,
                    but never have.

                    Maybe I can con 'Strength and Power' into making me one like that for my birthday.
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