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  • Generator for input power source

    I plan on purchasing a MM180 within the next couple of weeks. Because of rural/tractor/fence... needs I will not have a fixed power source available. I will bring the welding machine to the work.
    MM180 needs about 22 amps, but I don't know if this includes peak surge (if any) when you first draw the arc.
    My generator is 5,500 watts run and 8,500 peak.
    Any suggestions or feedback will be appreciated before I purchase the mm.

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    There's no significant peak surge (if any) to worry about. That 22A draw is at the rated output of 130 A (or so, I'm going from memory). So you should be able to weld at up to 130A of output and be within the 5500W capacity of your generator, assuming it has a receptacle and circuit breaker capable of full output to a single 240V circuit. So you might be limiting yourself to structural repairs of only 3/16" or so.

    If you are doing mostly thicker repairs, perhaps a small Miller or Hobart engine drive, like a Blue Star or Champion would be better: generator, plus built-in DC Stick welder.