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  • Miller Elite Hood Question

    Since this is my first post I figure Ill tell yall a little about myself. Im in High School and I'm currently enrolled in a tech. school for welding. I plan on probably going into pipelining or possibly a machine shop of some kind.

    Ive been thinking about getting the Miller Elite helmet but I have a question about it.

    I was welding today in the shop using a guys auto darkening helmet while I was doing some finishing work on a gambrel I built yesterday and today. Another guy was using the torch and the hood I had on kept darkening whenever he would light the torch.

    Can you adjust the Elite so It wouldnt do that? It was really a pain since I wanted it to look decent.

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    there should be a sensitivity control in the hood, my performance series has one. you can adjust it to go dark just by looking at a florescent light. i adjust the senstivity to the light conditions around me.


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      Elite Hood Question


      It sounds like you may have your sensitivity high enough that it is picking up any additional light that is around you. I would suggest turning the sensitivity on your helmet down just a bit to account for the torch next to you. Depending on the weld process you are performing, the sensitivity can be set lower without affecting the helmet's ability to pick up the weld.

      Please let me know if you have any additional questions about our helmets and good luck in your class!

      Thank You,

      Miller Electric Mfg. Co.
      Appleton, WI
      Eric Sommers
      Product Specialist
      Miller Electric Mfg Co