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Millermatic 180 or Handler 210?

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  • Millermatic 180 or Handler 210?

    I'm considering purchasing a small 230 volt MIG machine for light fab work. I like the durability of the MM180 but like the extra "pop" that the HH 210 offers. I plan on adding a spool gun in the future and I'm thinking the HH 210 would be better suited for aluminum(with its greater heat potential). I'd be anxious to hear from anyone who has used either with the optional spool gun (either the MM180 w/100 series or HH 210 w/3035). Thanks folks.

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    Get the HH. It is a great alu unit. Runs 1/4 like there is no tomorrow. I haven't ever used a MM180, but I've been running the HH210 for over a year now and can be absolutely certain it is a very good one. It runs alu better than my MM210 even. It is easy to set up and will run just about any wire you put in it very well. IMO, it is the best bang for your buck.

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      I too would get the 210 if you can afford a little more. Even though there is a spoolgun for the MM180 i think the 210 would be a better all around choice...Bob
      Bob Wright


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        I dont have a lot of spool gun experience but one of my buds stops by and says, let me take a spin, he says, very sweet.
        I was seconding Dons opin about the unit on alum, the 210 runs steel very well too.
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          Thanks for your feedback, guys. A little confused about the last one, though.


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            Aluminum and the MM180

            Miller just released a spool gun for welding aluminum with the 180. It does not require that middle piece of equipment and is priced at about $228 list, so I would expect that it should retail for less than $200. This is a good thing since it would have cost 5 or 600 to get the 3035 and feeder


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              That evens things up a bit, doesn't it?

              All I can say is that the HH210 with spoolgun is an extremely versatile and affordable package. I did like my MM175, too, but it didn't have a feasible spoolgun like the new one does.