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  • rusted artwork

    I was buying a chemical called scale gone 55 and it would take any scale off and make my projects rust quickly and evenly. I cannot seem to get any reply. could anyone give me a name & address of another product. thanks

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    Muriatic acid, avaliable at home depot and lowes, it will rust as drying,Paul
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      scale gone = muriatic acid....?

      Chances are they are one and the same, just different packaging.

      Muriatic acid is hydrochloric acid.
      Will it weld? I loooove electricity!

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        don't they use muriatic acid for cleaning driveways? thanks for the tip paul.
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          be careful using the muriatic acid-don't breathe when using. i quit using it cuz i was tired of feeling like i was suffocating! the method i use is wash with oiler eater and rinse, spray on hydrogen peroxide and rinse. let dry, spray on a chemical i get from king architectural (i think it's amber rust but i would have to go check for sure) which turns the steel copper, keep spraying with water and let dry for a day or 2, then i spritz with krylon lacquer autumn brown which darkens the orangey-rust and also seals it (it does have a sheen tho). or use one of the powder coat "rust" finishes. if you'd like to see some pics of the finishes, let me know. cat