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    whats out there that can make a square cut without dumping a ton of money im so tired of my chop saw (milwaukee) it just deflects at the lower part of the cut, and i have a portaband with a stand and you can set it up and get a cut or two then you have to set it up again im just sooo frustrated with it. im lookin for something i can cut like 4" square tube 1/4" wall and that would be about the thickest largest. anything else i can figure something out.

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    Get a 200 dollar HF 4x6 bandsaw. I am on my 2nd one and some days i cut 1,000 pcs....Bob
    Bob Wright


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      Originally posted by aametalmaster View Post
      Get a 200 dollar HF 4x6 bandsaw. I am on my 2nd one and some days i cut 1,000 pcs....Bob
      Bob , What blades are you using?? I recently trashed a Lenox bi metal cutting bed frame. I won't do that again!!


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        I bought a used cold saw, super accurate, repeatable, cut a lot of stainless also, the saw is like my right hand, The 315mm blade cuts through 4' easy.
        The only thing is it requires coolant so it is a little messy, and kind of noisy. But the accurasy is well worth it.
        I may be more then you want to spend but I love it.


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          Just go online, try ebay, and buy a cold saw. I have a Dewalt, and it does okay, but I think I would prefer the Rigid as it has a cast bed. $300- $400 and you will be a happy camper for a long time!


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            I bought a recon DW Multicutter. Best money I ever spent. Got a Milwaukee 8" metal saw after that.......again, very good investment. I use them so much, I hardly use a torch anymore.

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              The cold saw I bought is aMarathon, a Tiawan copy of a Scotchman, it is a machine that wieghs about 200-350 lbs. all cast iron super rigid. Rigid equals (usually) repeatability.