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mixing different brand equipment.

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  • mixing different brand equipment.

    Hey guys!
    I want to know if it is possible to mix linciln and miller equipment to weld with.Here's what I have.
    I have the older Miller trailblazer I bought earlier this spring.I also have 2 miller TIG modules that I bought at and auction.I have a water cooled TIG torch that I picked up also.I don't have a pedal for the module.
    Is it possible to use the Trailblazer for a power supply with the Lincoln Tig module so I can tig here at home?I just want to be able to Tig here at home for some little things I keep making.
    I will have to get out to the shop after work and get some pics of what i have.I can't remember all the model numbers of the stuff off my head right now.
    I figure I can make up a water tank and a little pump to move water for the torch with out a problem.I will need to get a shielding gas bottle though.
    Well let me know what you guys think.

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    Make a list of what you have by model and serial number, then go to and look up the manuals. Those will tell you what works with what. Some trailblazers are dc only, and all dc cc machines will do scratch start tig. You can weld aluminum with dc tig, you just don't have the self-cleaning action of ac. You didn't mention anything Lincoln so who knows about that. A little time and research using the manufacturers websites will do you a world of good, and give you the right answers.
    Lincoln: Eagle 10,000, Weld-Pak HD, Weld-Pak 155, AC-225, LN-25 wirefeeder
    Miller: Syncrowave 250DX Tigrunner
    Westinghouse: 400+ amp AC
    ThermalArc Handy wirefeeder
    1 Harris, 3 Victor O/A rigs
    Arcair gouger
    Too many other power toys to list.

    Do it right, do it once. And in all things ya get what ya pay for.


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      Amphenol Plug Wiring


      The biggest obstacle that you are going to face switching Miller to Lincoln is in the amphenol plugs. It can be done, but you will have to aquire information from both manufacturers as to pin layout. Example: Pin #5 on the Lincoln may be for say 115V input, while pin #5 on the Miller may be for the contactor solenoid. (I do not know what pin is for what - this is purely for example)

      In the past, a shop I worked at connected Lincoln LN-7 wire feeders to Miller power sources, we just had to make a jumper cable so that the wiring in the amphenol plugs would line up. This worked in our application. You will have to do some research to see if it will work in yours.

      Good Luck.

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