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How to belt drive just about anything from any engine - DIY

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  • How to belt drive just about anything from any engine - DIY

    This article describes how to belt drive just about any device like a welder, pump, second alternator, or whatever else you need to spin from the front of most any engine. This might come in handy for example if setting up a vehicle for use in the bush like weather chasing, where an extra pump or more amps are needed.

    It's a good all around extra project to make some extra income for the shop, or just maybe pick up an idea on making mounts.

    It covers a bush method of mounting a second drive pulley to the front of the engine and more professional methods also.

    The article also has a simple methods of finding bolt hole centers (where to drill the holes) from tight locations without measuring. Much of the information comes after building over a 100 PTO mounts mostly in the field.

    The article was originally written for boats, but the system is the same for most any engine.

    The link is-

    Hope this helps


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    Check engine manual

    It is important when considering any type of after market PTO mounting, to check the allowable side load on the engine. This can drastically reduce the bearing life of the engine, or even void warranty. Adding too much cantilevered weight is also hard on the engine mounts, and can cause alignment issues. I realize boats can really limit access! I have installed close to a hundred alternator, refridgeration, and hydraulic systems from small sailboats to large commercial fishing boats. I have seen some really awesome installations over the years, and some incredible failures due to the less than perfect attempts at installation! One of the worst was a boat on the rocks when the alternator tensioner broke, and drove the failed tensioner through the oil filter. I have been a commercial fisherman and engineer on many high end boats for twenty five years, and have learned that the ocean will capitalize on even the seemingly smallest little details!
    Good luck, have fun, and be careful!


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      Moved link

      Just moved this link to here-