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Weld Beads In Aluminum With Millermatic 350P

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  • Weld Beads In Aluminum With Millermatic 350P

    I'm looking for some suggestions to more accurately control the weld bead width in aluminum. Currently I'm working on a boat project which requires me to weld 3/16" and 1/4" 5086 H-116 aluminum. The welds I'm producing are sound and look good but they are a little too wide. I'd like to keep the bead width equal to the thickness of the aluminum being welded. My mig welding equipment consists of a Millermatic 350P with a XR-Aluma-Pro gun. The welding wire is 3/64" aluminum, I'm using 30CFH of pure argon gas. The weld is being pushed and the wire speed perameter is correct according to the chart on the welder. How do the Arc Length and Arc Control adjustments affect the weld bead width? The manual is a little vague here. Thanks for any help on this.


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    Turn the right dial (arc control or sharp arc) down to decrease the bead width, when in pulse mode.

    The Arc Length adjustment (left dial) controls length of the arc. A longer arc length burns the wire hotter, wets out the weld more and flattens the bead. The Arc Length control is basicaly a voltage trim adjustment for the pulse program. You can turn it up a bit for a more fluid puddle when welding flat and horizontal and turn it down a bit for quicker puddle freezing for out of position welding.

    The machine's controls are explained clearly in the manual if you sit down and read it, without distractions or skimming over it. It's alot to digest, but if you read a section and think about it a bit before moving on to the next, you'll better understand how the machine works.

    You have a nice machine there, it will do all that you want it to and more, just be patient and realize that it takes awhile to learn these advanced machines.
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      Thanks a lot, that explanation helps. I'll experiment on scrap and record the settings needed to get the correct weld bead.