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    Anyone have a plasma cutter set up on a CAD system? I'm looking into setting one up to do some small metal artwork (2'X2'X14ga max size). I have a Spectrum 375 and would like to build something that I could use that as my power source. Just thought I'd throw it out and see what other have done before I start from scratch on it.

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    Rat farts!

    I was kind-a hoping this would get more feedback I have the same question!

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      I foloowed a thread through one of Montes post. I ended up on you tube and watched a pile of cnc router / plasma vids.. as well as watching Monte ride his robot.....

      I supposed to taek delivery of a 5x10 5hp table in the next few days. Its already two weeks late so im starting to get antsy. The guys i bought it from said to me that I could run it as a plasma by setting up another table beside the main table and fixing som esort of bar... I didnt get all that he said and it was a while ago when i made the order. I'll have to ask him again..

      Go to youtube. search out plasma tables. be ready for a few microwave oven vids too.. those are awesome!

      the cuttingheads for cnc plasmas are different than the ones that come on spectrums and similars...
      Will it weld? I loooove electricity!

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        I figured that I would probable have to change the torch to use on a automatic system. I'm just hoping that the power source will be usable and that I can find a suitable torch for the 375. A torch is a whole lot cheaper than a new machine.

        Bobcat 250, MM 210, Syncrowave 180, Spectrum 375
        Cat 242B Skid Steer, Challenger (Cat/Agco) MT275
        1 Thessalonians 4:11-12


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          You should be able to use your original torch as long as the holder is made that way like PlasmaCam. If you are doing small stuff you may want to use fine cut parts in your torch. You'll also need to wire some kind of trigger relay in the unit because the torch trigger will not be used. It would also best to use a THC( torch height controller) to keep the torch the correct height above the metal as it moves while being cut. Look on E Bay under CNC Plasma and CNC Routers. A great for info on this is a forum called CNC ZONE. This is where I received most of my help when building my CNC table. Building a CNC
          is no small feat. The table that works well with a router may be way too slow for cutting thin metal with plasma. Unless you want to do things over and over I really suggest a lot of reading before you start the build. I started reading in August of 2006 and in November I had it running. I'll say this,...when its starts to move and does what you have programed it to do, it is very exciting. If I can be of help feel free to ask. I would say put it on the forum so others may learn as well.
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