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    Originally posted by Q@EPM View Post
    Have you looked at this Tube Bender ?

    It includes the die and for $299 it seems like just what you need.
    Looks like a scaled up conduit bender with a hydraulic jack and as WyoRoy stated a frame that appears to be built out of shop scrap. The die appears to be die cast aluminum. How long will it last? I'm sure that bender won't bend some of the tight radius bends needed to build a race car chassis/rollcage even with a different die.

    But I guess if all you need is large radius 90 degree bends that would do the job
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      It is a choice of bending tube every week then get a $600-$1000 bender, if you need the occasional bend and roll cage that you wont go past 90* then get the bender I listed for $200.....die included.....a JD w 1 die will run at least $650


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        Tubing Bender

        i have also came across the this tube roller. for the price it looks decent


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          Have a couple of the Got Trikes type benders. Would sell one brand new with your choice of die up to 1 1/2" for 1325.00 plus shipping. BTW the Pro Tools and JD2 dies will bend 180*
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            do u have pictures? how many dies for the price?


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              Here's a pic, excuse the mess in the shop. Comes with 1 die of your choice up to 1 1/2". Air/hydraulic cylinder has 1 year warranty and bender has same.

              BTW dies for this bender and ones like it cost $200 upward depending on size of die, these are not cheap Chinese junk, all steel, no aluminum. Go here to see what's available
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