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photo of my welding table

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  • photo of my welding table

    I bought this at a local surplus warehouse,it is 3'6'' square and 1 3/16 thick. Not bad for 150 dollars

    Frank aka the Weekend Welder
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    You will never have to worry about a man stealing it either - it will take at least 2 or 3
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      It looks pretty flat from the picture. Me personally, I would turn it around so you hopefully have a square edge to jig with.
      Flat and square is the anyway to go if you are lucky enough to have it.
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        Originally posted by weekend welder View Post
        I bought this at a local surplus warehouse,it is 3'6'' square and 1 3/16 thick. Not bad for 150 dollars

        Frank aka the Weekend Welder
        nice table.leave it the way it is, if your right handed you'll have more room.


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          Very nice score for a, "Weekend Welder." Sorry I couldn't resist.

          I'll bet you had fun moving it.
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            welding table

            Nice table for the cost, if you had to make ti yourself it would cost more and I like the thickness of the top you won't have to worry about it worping because of to much heat when welding. I myself preferr a larger table, the reson for this is I weld large projects and was always haveing trouble with not enough room to work so I made a table 5'x14' with1" solid plate for the top it was a lot of $$$ just for the top but I always try to get stuff as cheap as possibale from people I now, so I really got the top for dirt cheap $100.00 bucks because I freind of the family works at our local steel shop and they had one that was all rusted and sat around for a while they were doing some cleanup at the shop, it was my lucky day he knew i was looking and called to say they were going to cut it up for scrap hualing. I did put some heavey wheels just so i could move it around the shop pretty good.
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