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flex pipe repair

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  • flex pipe repair

    when I saw the exhaust was bad on one of the back hoes at work I didn`t think too much of it,just get a new one and be done with it.That was untill they came back with a price of over 500.00 dollars for a 4'' pipe with a small section of flex pipe in it.I was able to repair it with a small piece of 5'' exhaust that I cut open and wraped around the bad spot and clamped tight.After about a half hour of doing the tack,tack,tack thing it`s good as new and a boat load cheaper.
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    very nice i like the nice clean job on that
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      The repair looks good , but over $500.00 for a new one, thats outragous. What make is it ? They must be selling their name, the money cant be just for material and labor. If it is for labor , that would be a great outfit to work for.
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        It`s on a Hitachi ex 450. some times it`s just nuts what they want for parts, but they know they got ya nobody else makes the parts and a person cant afford to have the machine down for too long because it`s not making money then.


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          Replacement parts for all of the brands of earth moving machines are outrages.Getting in good with your local excavating contrators will keep you busy repairing and refubishing there equipment,they seem to like to spend money on local guys to do there work if possible,OEM dealers are ridiculous in their pricing.


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            Looks a little more than just tack,tack tack!!! WOW! NICE JOB!!!!!
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