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Happy Day! Picked up my new Dynasty 200dx Today

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  • Dustyhaze75
    blue box

    congrats on the new box. fun fun fun

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  • shorerider16
    I had a chance to burn a few rods yesterday, and boy was it sweet. It didn't take nearly as long to find the setting that suited the situation, and once I did the rods burned off so smoothly. The 1/8 6010s ran really nicely and the 7018 went down like butter. I can't wait to get set up for Tig, it is going to be amazing.

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  • Samurai Dave
    Love the Blue Box

    Congradulations on your new Blue Box!

    You will get years of enjoyment from it. There are so many possible functions and combination of features that you can fine-tune your techniques to match the metal. It elevates a good welder to be able to create great welds, and I can certainly use all the help I can get.

    When you get your locker made, post some pictures.

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  • Happy Day! Picked up my new Dynasty 200dx Today

    I've been wanting a welder for quite sometime now, but couldn't justify the cost. However, the new C-Level program at our High School is still quite unorganized, and we don't have enough machines for everybody. So what to do? Well buying my own welder sounds like a good answer!

    I will have a chance to burn a few perfectly good electrodes to death tommorow and needless to say I can't wait. I have heard nothing but good things about this machine and I am sure it won't disapoint. I can't leave it at school yet though as I still have to build a locker/ buy locking equipment to secure it with. It is a sad world we live in, luckily you can buy blue boxes that will make it a little better.