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Head Ache Rack on a Budget

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    that is some very nice work.


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      Originally posted by TJS View Post
      Hehe. This is what I stated in my first post.

      TOP Cut: 108*
      But this is a compound miter cut on 2 separate pieces so 108/2=54* but you
      need to subtract from the included angle which is 90, so 90*-54* = 36*, thus
      both pieces will require a cut of 36*.
      72* / 108*

      Bottom Cut: 90*(included angle)-72*=18*(this is what the bottom tube is cut to)
      TJS; Hello, I stand corrected.
      You are correct, the top is 36* each cut . Sorry bout that !

      One more thing, You Know where you can stick your, he,he, he !
      The best & most simple way is , what ever your upright angle is just divide it in Half !
      72*= 36*, 80*=40, 60*=30*, etc., etc .

      ........... Norm
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        That's an awesome headache rack. You never could have bought one nearly as nice as that one. It's top notch in my book!
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