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Pressure sandblaster from propane tank

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    Wow. Such ignorance, only 100psi, haha. People have no idea how quickly things can go from fine to terrible.


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      Originally posted by wildfire View Post
      [COLOR="#0000CD"] When it comes to my workmanship and my blaster design You sir don't know what your talking about. Simple as that!

      Its not that simple. You have great pics and do wonderfull work for sure but please remember this is a public forum and some people aren't as gifted in the real welding world and think just because they have seen it here that they can do it. Maybe they can and maybe they shouldn't but its the internet and it has to be true, in some peoples eyes. I have seen air tanks come apart with just 100 lbs of air as it was my fathers just as he was done filling it with only 100 lbs, set it down and picked it back up and it blew. 6 weeks in the hospital and i will never forget that. Just my thoughts...Bob
      Bob Wright


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          Hi, if anyone is so stupid as to see the posts and think "Hey I can do that too" who's gonna hold his/her hand the next time they cross the road. The whole point of posting your projects is to show the World what YOU have done, not suggest that that is the way to go about it. The point also is if you hydraulic test to 1-1/2 times the working pressure you are sure the job is sound. The point someone made about the container wearing away inside due to sand abrasion is probably not valid as the sand or abrasive material is just sitting there and not actively blasting the interior like the nozzle would get, and that applies to commercial tanks too that are made from the same thin metal as a propane tank, only they have a name attached to say it was made by whoever and tested hydraulically on such and such a date. If the hydro test fails due to poor welds, the water will only spurt out briefly. Ian.