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    I would make the Main table solid and then just mount receiver tubes on the ends.

    Your Wings would then slide in to the receiver tubes on each end or just one, depending on the length you need.
    (although I bet it will be tough to make any Wing sit exactly flat with the main table)

    The wings could be 1/4" so yer not busting a nut. The wings don't need to be as heavy duty as the main table.

    Of course you don't have the Open table design but I agree wid the others- lots o' work to make the Sliding Table, work.
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      Ed's take is smart, especially from a KISS point of view. You could have the wings fold down, also. You could even have them swing up and lock into position with a gap between them and the main table, so you have an open slot for clamping whenever one of the wings is up and in position. A simple hinge is a lot easier to build than telescoping tubing -- easier to keep clean and functional, too.

      Here's what I meant with my interlocking top idea. It would actually be two three-legged tables that would fit together. You could slide them apart for more surface area, and in doing so open up more clamping space as the table gets wider.

      My idea is not smart, from a KISS point of view.

      It would be tricky to cut, too, unless you used assorted rectangles to make each top.
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        Originally posted by Kamikaze View Post
        I work a lot with the 8020 products and it is fine for static displays and fixtures but I would advise against using it as part of a fixture that would be moved or have sliding / friction surfaces as the aluminum wears.

        It is rigid but requires constant re-tightening and if things are moved about, the tend to "wiggle" the joints and things tend to wobble about after awhile.
        Thanks for the clarification. I have limited experience with the 80/20 but knew they did some linear stuff. Never considered the wear issues of the aluminum.

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          Originally posted by Broccoli1 View Post
          Of course you don't have the Open table design but I agree wid the others- lots o' work to make the Sliding Table, work.
          i made my top out of 1"x1" sq tube (0.125" wall) spaced about 6"
          apart. it's great for clamping things to. if i need a solid, flat,
          surface, i just lay a piece of whatever is convenient and fits the bill
          on top. even, on occasion, a piece of plywood



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            Originally posted by Broccoli1 View Post
            I would make the Main table solid and then just mount receiver tubes on the ends.
            Yah, I kind of reached this conclusion after reading the 1st round of responses. Make one solid center table with 4 legs and no funny stuff. Have receiver tubes run side-to-side to accept wings, or a vise holder, or whatever else I dream up. I then have something simpler and sag-proof to start with, but has some expandability built in. I'll toss up another drawing soon.

            I checked the price of hitch receiver tubing at local place, $114 for 6 feet. It sounds like a lot, but then I get to thinking that it's probably worth $50 (or whatever the cost is over seamed tubing) to not have to worry about the seam.


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              While digging I found some cool tubing at McMaster Carr that's designed for nesting. LOTS cheaper than my local hitch receiver tube price, though not as heavy duty. I'm not thinking of backtracking yet, but this might be interesting for anyone trying to deal with the telescoping problem. It's about half-way down the page:

              I also found this cool table fixture on the Weldingweb forum:


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                Maybe this will work great if you have limited space?
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                  I think it's a great idea you have done superb work but if tables would be separated from each then it looks better.