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Millermatic 200 Not Working

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    It`s Fixed!!!!!!!!

    Just got the news ,welder lives again.found a resistor that was bad and a transformer was wired wrong.1/2 hour labor all good to go. (Original transformer wired wrong ,not the one i replaced ,that transformer was ok,didn`t need replacing)

    big thanks guys ,hope this thread helps others as well,I`m goin to stay for awhile.
    sincerly Don (AWS/CWI)


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      Do not read between the lines, there is nothing there!

      Don, Thanks for getting back Don. I like knowing what finally fixed it. However, I assure you no argument was EVER intended on my part. Why would I fight with Kevin anyway? He is in perfect position to provide input as to what information we operators of their equipment need in the manuals they produce. That is the rational behind my questions. Better manuals. I felt no fighting was started and thus I was not ending one.
      If what was in the manual for your serial numbered machine was actually what you had under the cover of the machine, all of this could have been avoided. I'm glad Kevin posted with additional information to help get you welding again and I took an opportunity to improve their literature for all our benefit.
      On top of that I thanked Kevin twice. I will do so again. Thanks Kevin!

      On this note the questions of my prior post still beg an answer.
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        all better now

        typo, previous post said transformer,that was wrong ,my boo boo,should have said relay not transformer. As for the no fighting comment ,done with a grinn on my face ,you know life is stressfull enough ,need humor.thats me.


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          one more thing ,Kevin was right ,230/460
          tag on front of machine confermed that .Machine jumpered for 460.
          Thanks again guys I truely appriciate the info. Don