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First project after buying a MM211

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    Originally posted by haroldmulder View Post
    Thanks for the points. I thought about coating the wood with a thin veneer of metal and may still do that down the road. However I will need to find a cheap material since when I was in some of the box stores the price of thin gauge metal was outrageous. ...
    Man, just go to your local autobody repair shop. grab an old car hood or trunk out of his dumpster. cut/grind off the braces,. and you have a great source of sheet metal, free. Great stuff to practice with also.
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      First project

      Might just try that especially since my 6month old F150 is going into the body shop to be repaired after I was rear ended visiting my Grandmother a month ago. Since they are replacing a side panel on the box I should have plenty of practice material out of that. Any way thanks for the idea.
      All the best.
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