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  • Plasma tracer/copier

    Does anyone have any information or ideas on making a parallellagram style of manual tracer/copier for a plasma setup. I can't afford a CNC table but want the ability to trace a template and then have it scaled for the tourch thru a set of articulating arms. Seems I remember a set of adjustable linkages that articulated so one end follows the other but can't think of the name for the life of me. All I can think of is the spring loaded boxing gloves in cartoons. This is something I want to make with adjustment so on one side can be traced and the other side can be scaled for the plasma gun to cut out 2x size (or 1/2 size). I will figure out how to turn on the gun etc. just need help with the linkages.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Pantograph. Search on the web came up with many how to build sites.
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      Victor Panograph Machine

      Hey my dad and I took a o/a panograph and hook a plasma torch in it then wired the torch with a remote switch to turn on plasma torch inside the mach. If you want to see a Panograph mach go to page 2 on welding projects look for (Victor Panograph Machine ) By Vernon


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        Plasma Tracer - Copier - Duplicator

        You can buy plasma pantograph plans for 20 bucks at

        It's simple easy to make. 1:1 Duplication

        video here

        Its really cool. Just trace what you want to cut. Free hand or by using template.

        When using a template your copy is the exact same size as what you traced.
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          Here is a link to a tracer for sale, complete or kit form and they have a pdf with detailed plans.

          Video and details.

          Link to pdf.