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just ordered the bernard gun

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    Originally posted by mikemcc
    just recieved it in the mail
    it is for all miller welders personal or industral
    i got the Q15 20 A O 8B M
    you can order any combo you need..
    it comes with 10 consumables also
    Mike, what happened to you?
    Gone But Never Forgotten!


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      Originally posted by abtanner
      Mikemcc; I too have an MM175, and will be getting an replacement gun/cable assy.mine was damaged in a fire. Been looking at the M-25 15' at $191.00 + shipping. However I'm not familuar with the 'Bernard' unit. In what respect is this one your ckoise? I may consider it too. TIA for ya comment. Al
      you need the M-15 gun for that machine , the M-25 is for the 210, and the 251 , i sell them for


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        i forgot, the bernard stuff is available for all guns, from the diffuser down, so, if you have a tweco, or a tragaskiss , or even a lincoln, you cabn get the consumables, but on a small welder like the millermatics, prolly wont see the difference, in the performance, i have went throught he miller schooling on the bernard comsumables, they are pushing us to buy them,


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          Im still here; just have been too busy to do anything .
          been studying the synchrowave 200 and where the cheapest place to get one from. on ebay
          i'm ordering one tommorow
          havent had time to even hook up the bernard..
          one question ? do you still use green clean
          well got to go and order all sorts of consumables for the 200
          drier for rod?
          rod steel aluminum , welding rods
          well gotta go ..


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            May I ask "what was the FINAL total cost" for your Bernard cable/gun assembley?
            Maybe I need an "invitation" too!Ref. your reply to fyoung. Rational:

            On 16 Mar '06 you post:Free upgrade-----
            On 20 Mar '06 you post "Just received it----with 10 consumables----
            On 22 Mar '06 you post "Just called Bernard" that Gun is 395, I got to buy it-
            Next question, If on 20 Mar '06 you "just received it" (free upgrade). Why did ya call Bernard on 22 Mar 06? an ultimately learned that the cost for you would be "395" ($3.95/$395.00)???

            If ya are not trying to B/S the 'troops', please clearfy.
            TIA. Al.


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              that gun was 395.00 sure looks good havent had a chance to even hook it up yet

              i called before it arrived and found the information out and being a straight shooter i payed.


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                You are full of it. I'm fini.


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                  Originally posted by abtanner
                  You are full of it. I'm fini.
                  Are you confused now?*LOL*
                  Gone But Never Forgotten!