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Miller Thunderbolt - Adding DC to AC?

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  • Miller Thunderbolt - Adding DC to AC?

    Has anyone here bought the parts and converted an AC only machine to AC/DC? I love my Thunderbolt (with the crank on top) and really dont want to buy somelthing else just to get the DC output. I downloaded the Owners' Manual for both machines, but it only gives Miller part numbers, not generic (which is what I think I need). Experiences and Opinions would be appreciated....thanks...........big_arc

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    Love it or not, it can be done but as a practical matter I would peddle it and get a Hobart stickmate AC/DC. I personally think its worth the difference if one is working on equipment on a regular basis.


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      There are a lot of inverters out there. We put one on a Powerkraft (monkey wards) machine back in the 70's and it still get used frequently. It works quite well, but still won't run 6010.
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