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  • Arcstation table?

    Haven't seen much first hand feedback on Miller's Arcstation table. I know, I know. It's a sacrilege to talk about buying a welding table and not build it yourself, but I don't find the scrap or free metal deals that everyone else seems to. Pricing out new materials is not that cheap, and that's for plate that's not even guaranteed to be flat. What to people think?

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    Well ,I looked at it in Orlando Fl. at the PRI industry trade show!

    My opinion is its a nice setup! that you can add on to in the future.
    very well built ,alot of good features.

    If I had had a way to get one home from the show !
    on the plane it would have came home with me .
    They had great show prices.

    Its worth the money.
    right now I have no room for it in my shop
    Love the power of Blue
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    Lots of Tools!


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      lens 42
      For one the table is way over price for what it is... I looked at one at Linweld and the top is withe X pattern is 3/8 and the smooth top is 3/16. I know but I have to take time to build one isn’t that half the fun of being a welder.
      Mine I bought a old grill from a restaurant going out of business for 20 dollars striped it for the grill that is 1 inch thick, bought astick of 3 x 3 x 3/16 tube at $120 and some wheels with brakes for $60. Scraped the rest of the grill and got 35 dollars for the scrap.
      I think I have a lot better table than what that are trying to sell welders that can build their own.
      At least I can hit something on mine with a hammer or clamp something down to it and it stays in place. Just a thought.
      Don't be afraid to build your own tools. That is the most satisfying thing about being a welder. And when people come to your shop and they can see your work that you can do. Anything helps.
      Rick C.
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        Great Job !!

        Rick, Hi;

        You did a Great Job on the table, Nice work !!

        ............ Norm :


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          Thanks it is one of my most used tools in the shop.

          Rick C.


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            Yes. Nice work. You've convinced me to hit the scrap yards for a month or so before I give up and spend big money. I also agree that it would be better to have something that I can beat on (a bit thicker).


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              I saw the table for the first time on December 11th at a welding show and it was a huge disappointment. I hate to say anything negative about the Miller corporation because they produce such fine products, but in my opinion this table is poor at best for the money.


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                Lens 42
                I don’t know where you are from, here in Omaha there are several big Fab shops that have burn tables and sometimes have some good drops or mistakes I have gotten some good stuff at a fair price from them. Look on Craig’s List I found 10 1in plate 32 x 24 for 10 dollars each that I use for jigs when I build custom hand railing. Take your time and you will find what you need and just keep searching.
                Rick C.


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                  Here is Millers idea for a welding table. I like there welders I have a MM350p.



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                    You might consider using 1 1/2" square steel tubing and building a grid type table. I made a 4' X 4' table with about 5" square holes. C clamps fit nicely thru the holes. This type of table is lighter than solid top units and can be stored upright if necessary.


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                      The miller tables are good for what they are built for. they are intended for welding on not beating.


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                        Originally posted by m.k.swelding View Post
                        The miller tables are good for what they are built for. they are intended for welding on not beating.
                        You are right they are a welding tables but the type of work I do I need to use a hammer at times. Sometimes I weld jigging to it and just remove & grind it smooth again so many uses. As I said in before my table is the most used tool in the shop.
                        I have nothing against the Miller's table I would not spend that kind of money for one. You’re paying for blue paint and a name. I know mine can take whatever it needs to do for me.
                        The square tube grid sounds like it is a cool ides also. Any table is better than working off of the floor.
                        Rick C


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                          A Positive Comment...

                          I know I'm going to get flamed on this reply but there are many of us who spend too much money on tools just because they are Snap On, Mac, Matco, Cornwell instead of saving some money and instead buying a Craftsman / Husky / or Kobalt that we could more than get by with!

                          I know many people consider a welding table as a personal project to design and fabricate on their own and show their own skills, but I am one of those who also like to be brand loyal as much as possible and found some of the design and features of the ArcStation, (especially the X-top clamp system!), and some of the other aspects a very nice system!

                          I was looking at the full 60" system and knew I would have to budget this as part of my shop renovation for 2010 and beyond. Buying this system would probably cost me more but it would also save me time! This is a factor for many people and why we pay people to mow our lawns and detail our cars!

                          So for me, I liked it and it saved me the time of coming up with a design, (that I've revised at least 20-25 times over the last year!), I saved time chasing down the materials, and I've saved time building an detailing the finished product.

                          At this point, I should state that I actually won one of the 30" X-table systems from the '09 SEMA drawing. Like many people, I entered but never thought I would win. Since I was actually interested in this system it became a Christmas present for me and a jump start to help me with getting the revised shop layout going!

                          I'm sure down the road, as I use the ArcStation more, I will end up modifying, adding or revising some aspects to my personal taste and needs. But for my needs, I do not see this being far from what my last design ideas were and I am very thankful to Andy and Nicole from Miller Electric for giving me the opportunity to win something I truly wanted!

                          Thank you Andy and Nicole!


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                            Can someone who has an Arcstation tell me the dimensions of the slots? I am building a table and want to use the Miller xclamps, but need to know the width of the slot as well as the size of the hole in the end to feed the clamp through. I am getting the top cut so need the dimensions, and the local miller distributer will take a week to get the clamps in so I can't measure them..



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                              What do you guys think of this as a welding table?
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