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    Originally posted by bzoerb View Post
    What do you guys think of this as a welding table?
    Nice work bench. Welding table? No.
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      I've got one welding table that's 1 1/2 inches thick and two feet by four feet. With the ribbing and legs it's over eight hundred pounds. When it's needed it's the greatest.

      I also have another welding table that's only two feet high. Three quarter inch plate two foot in diameter. It's attached to a rear end stub. The base is the semi truck wheel and the brake drum supports the table top. It's the cat's meow when I"m needing to make something and be able to turn it while working.

      I have a piece of floor rack that's attached to another semi truck wheel and axle stub. It's the greatest thing for using the plasma or cutting torch when you're wanting to move the material instead of walking around it.

      I also have another welding table with wheels on one end so I can move it around without grabbing the tractor.

      I'm excited about getting my new arcstation early next week. I used one in the Miller Welding Show Down and fell in love with it. It's not the end all table that you can do anything with anytime. But for the majority of our work if you to a wide spectrum of work the arcstation is as handy as a pocket on a shirt.

      It's a great tool for the average guy who has some welding equipment in his garage and likes to make things on occasion. I recommend it for anyone looking for something like this and dealing with space and time.

      One of the things I talked to Miller about on the arcstation was making a version for the portable welding rig. My number one welding table is my welding truck bed. I can see setting up an arcstation where I can set it up on the truck for the kinds of work where I need to hold and or brace somethings will I'm working on them.

      I've used one and loved it.
      life is good


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        Originally posted by John Stuckey View Post
        You might consider using 1 1/2" square steel tubing and building a grid type table. I made a 4' X 4' table with about 5" square holes. C clamps fit nicely thru the holes. This type of table is lighter than solid top units and can be stored upright if necessary.
        This is similar to an idea i've got for a table except I thought of using 3/8" x 3" flat bar with spaces in between for the top.


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          Originally posted by mkehler View Post
          Can someone who has an Arcstation tell me the dimensions of the slots? I am building a table and want to use the Miller xclamps, but need to know the width of the slot as well as the size of the hole in the end to feed the clamp through. I am getting the top cut so need the dimensions, and the local miller distributer will take a week to get the clamps in so I can't measure them..

          Here are the slot dimensions... The hole in the end is 1.25" wide and 1.5" long. The slots are 0.75" wide.

          The X slots and the clamps that go with them have been very handy. The arc station has been a good, sturdy table. I chose a Miller welding machine because they have a good reputation and their machines are made in the USA. When I received the arc station, it came in boxes that said "Made in China." I wish that I had known that before I bought the table. I saw a program on TV the other day about the horrible working conditions in China. I think it is worthwhile to try as hard as possible to buy products made in the USA.
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            I have one with the 60" top, tool box and side shelf. I love it! Welding is only a small hobby of mine. I don't have much free time and I did not want to spend it making a table. So with my son's help we put this together in 2 hours and away we go.


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              I love the Arcstation and wish I got the 60" but since I won the 30" I just added the second station and bolted them together!

              The funny thing about the assembly of the tables is that one of the LWS I visit frequently, had one partially assembled for over 4-months since they didn't understand how to put it together! And they sell welding equipment???

              I do agree with reflectionlabs about buying American and Miller products, but for my purposes and time savings like GT3Racer, it was worth it! I love the modularity of the system and how everything is tied together and looks professional.

              Could I have built a better table? Probably, but the time, space and effort that it would have taken were not worth the headaches as I am up and welding comfortably and effectively with a common sense designed product!


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                I haven't used it yet, but I purchased the folding ArcStation because of limited space. I can fold it and get it out of the way.

                I purchased it from ZORO tools when they had a 20% off coupon... If I had waited a month, they had a 25% off coupon.
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                  It looks nice!