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  • MM251w/M25 Gun

    I have a MM251 with the factory installed .035 drive roll kit and liner. I would like to install the .023 drive roll kit for the thinner material that I frequently weld on. Do I need to also change the liner? Thanks

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    I have run .023 through the .030-.035 liner with no problems with the liner only problem was some bird nesting in the wire if the wire tension was to tight and you had the lead around a corner
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      I also have a MM251 and see no problem pushing .023 wire thru the standard 12' M25 gun.

      I personally went a little different route. Picked up a new M10 gun off the internet for about $80 and use it for .023 exclusively (very seldom since I use the HH187 for the smaller stuff). The M10 is a much smaller gun and will get into places where the M25 is a little clumbsy.

      I kept my M25 but picked up a Bernard Q300 which serves as the main gun (.030 and .035) with 15' lead. The Bernard Q400 is set up for .045 and gets used very infrequently. I have found it much easier to change guns than it is to change liners.

      If you get a chance to pick up a Bernard Q Series via the internet, I think you'll really like it vs the M25.

      Just my .02
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        I also bought a Bernard Q gun for my Esab (had to make an adapter, but still cheaper). Man I really like it.
        $75-100 Ebay brand new.