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    It is nice to see how someone else does it. I did one earlier this year that was a bugger, and everything needed to just fit with no problems. I ended up measuring anything I could think of to measure and layed it all out with a chalk line, soapstone and square on the concrete next to my shop ( Where I park my trailers, etc). It worked out great, but I like your method. I had to do a couple of returns into the wall as well as a couple of 3" offsets,and the caprail I was using didn't have any premade fittings, so I had to forge them myself.
    It was quite a learning curve. I made a few mistakes when laying it out by measuring the height from the tread at the back, instead of from the nose. When it reached the first one with a landing the height difference made for a strange bend. I refigured what went wrong and redrew it, it was a much cleaner piece. Now I see so many stair rails done with the mistakes that I made in them that were not corrected. I am glad I fixed mine with chalk before I forged/welded them. I have another stair rail/balcony rail job coming up and am much more confident in doing them. I may steal some of your layout ideas too.
    Your bender is awesome. I have a hydraulic press that I use for arching pieces like that, but I can see that yours would be much quicker and have better feel to it.