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Wake board tour w/spoolmatic 30a

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  • Wake board tour w/spoolmatic 30a

    Hy, just feel to share whit you my first aluminium job made whit spoolmatic for my boat whit 50hp, but not enough power to lift a guy out of the water. A have fun built it aneway
    Attached Files
    XMT 304 cc/cv 208/480 volts
    Lincoln wire feeder LN-25 w/Contactor and Gas Solenoid, w/magnum 400 and 200 gun's (12 ft)
    Spoolmatic 30a w/Flex Head tube 10'' XRA
    Flexible Head Tig Torch w/Gas Valve (25 ft)
    Foot Control RFCS-14HD
    Side-to-side rotary-motion fingertip Current Control
    Miller process Selector Control w/external solenoid valve
    Stainless steel welding cart
    Makita LC1230 Dry cut saw

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    Spool matic wakeboard!

    Wow. I would't have thought of that. I'm sure I would TIG this thing up if I was trying to build it. I work on boat towers, railings and all sorts of fabrications from aluminum pipe, etc. Nice. Too bad about the motor thing. Maybe a lrger one would work IF the boat could handle it.
    Mustangs Forever!

    Miller equipment.


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      Wake Board

      Nice job makes the boat look great.To bad it doesn't work like you wanted Maybe this was a good start on next one. Still great job any ways.
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