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Problems with a 210 millermatic

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  • Problems with a 210 millermatic

    I was wondering if any one if any one out their is haveing problems maintaining an arc just can't seem to get this new mahine to run right is it a set up problem or what any suggestions would be helpful I finely got made mad at it and switch back to the red one had no more problems but would rather be useing blue are their any quirts with this machine as any one had similar set up issues I'm welding 14 gage useing the setup guide to set the machine and c-25 gas thanks in advance for any help or comments

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    Can you provide more details?

    When the arc goes out, does the wire continue to feed.
    Have you checked the input power? High low wrong polarity ect.
    Is the metal clean?
    Check the ground clamp connection. I have set up a new miller and found the ground clamp connection loose.
    Is the arc burning back. Looks like it runs up to the tip. Increase feed speed.
    Check for drive roller tension. Feed the wire out against a block of wood 1” to 2” away from the gun, it should curl up and continue feeding.

    Lots of people with experience on this board, I am sure someone will have your answer.



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      Yup, check the simplest things first. The MM210 is a very good running machine and is pretty reliable. If you can't get it going, call 1-800 4 A Miller and talk with the techs there. They have always been very good at tracking down issues in my case.

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