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XMT 304 CC/CV and Spoolmate 3545

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  • XMT 304 CC/CV and Spoolmate 3545

    I purchased a XMT 304 CC/CV welder used. This is a multi process welder, one welder that will do everything I want to do (except TIG aluminum).
    I have TIG welded steel and stick welded steel with it and now I am trying to use my Spoolmate 3545 and SGA 100 Control to MIG weld aluminum.
    So far the only way I have gotten it to work is to connect my foot
    control to the 14 pin plug and stand on it while I weld with the spoolgun.
    I set the funtion to MIG and the voltage control to panel.
    There has to be a better way. How can I connect my SGA 100 Control
    directly to the XMT« 304 CC/CV so I don't have the foot control following me around.

    I asked the Miller tech and he said, "I have a few questions for you. What mode do you have the XMT in (mig)? If it is in the mig mode, the XMT is looking for a contactor signal before it will give you output. There is no way to hook it up to turn the output on when you pull the trigger of the spoolgun. There is only one way to make this work. You will need to purchase the SGA100C and put the XMT in the V-sense mode. The SGA and 3545 spoolgun were not desighned to work with this machine. The 30A spoolgun and WC-24 were designed to work with a XMT 304."

    Now my gut tells me you should be able to do this without buying yet another $300 item. The foot control is just closing a circuit or something like that, since the welder is set to panel, telling it to give power to the output. I have an after market foot control, so I don't have a serial # to look up the wiring diagram of the RFCS-14 foot control to see what is happening when it is pressed down and held.
    You know the issue is you don't want a "HOT" spoolgun went you are not welding with it.
    I welcome any thoughts on this. I guess I could rig up a contactor in a box to my SGA100 and use the "V-sinse feeder" mode if that is the only way.


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    foot control and CC/CV

    Hey, was reading your post... TIG is a CC process, while MIG is a CV process. So they are two different fundamental types of welding... not sure you can mix components for them. The TIG foot switch rfcs-14 has two elements: it has a switch to turn on and off the gas flow for TIG and a potentiometer to adjust the TIG current. You can see wiring diagrams on model C810-1425 from SSC Controls at they show on their tig foot switch page the wiring for the contactor and potentometer. They also have 14-pin connectors. These are not used on MIG. So the foot control is not used on the MIG processess... you adjust the voltage at the power source for that. The Miller user catalogs also have good wiring diagram info.
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      I too have an xmt 304 and it uses the same controller for Tig and Mig. It is also the same remote my Synchrowave 250 DX uses. There is a remote made for the xmt that is just an on/off switch (talked to the guys at the local factory authorized service center about it last Monday) but I decided to go with the thumb controller because it gives me remote voltage adjustment on the Mig cutting down on lost time walking back and forth to change settings. If I remember right the switch went for about $150. Hope this helps. Millers manuals give you the pinout on the connectors.
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