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newbie needs help with identifying Miller welder

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  • newbie needs help with identifying Miller welder

    Gentleman, very briefly, I build/restore and customize motorcycles. I have a small shop and am expanding my knowledge base to include doing my own custom frame work instead of drawing it(draftsman originally by trade as well as mechanic) and having someone else weld it; I want to do it all. I came across a Miller "spot welder" (what HE called it) for sale on the 'net for $300; the model# is MSW 41T, AC 110, up to 1/8". My (probably dumb) question is; is this a TIG welder,and, if so, can I use it to weld aliuminum swingarms and frame spars. They are generally very boxy, around 2 1/2" to 4" square but not very thick; probably 1/8" or less. Any guidance you gents could give me would be appreciated. Also, he said this unit was about $1500 new-true? Thanks again, Tory

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    Tory Bad news. No its not a TIG welder. Its for welding sheetmetal with spotwelds. Sorry, It won't work on swingarms. It pinches the sheetmetal together then welds it...Bob
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    Bob Wright


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      My prior post about the MSW 41T...

      Bob, thank you SO MUCH for your fast response to my question. One other thing: I will have occasions where projects will require me to fabricate small items with sheetmetal; will this unit run a bead at all, or ONLY spot weld? Not trying to be dumb, here, just seeing if this unit would be worth $300 he's asking. Thanks, Tory


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        Spot welder

        That machine is good for doing individual spots only. Most commonly used on auto body replacement panels and thin sheet metal that is too thin to be welded by other conventional means. There is no way to run any kind of continuous bead with it. Dave

        BTW, you can get a cheap version of this machine at Harbor freight or similar companies for about $89.00
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          Newbie needing help

          Thanks for the hot tip, I see where it would come in handy at times, but $89 sure beats the **** outta $325! Thanks again, gentlemen!


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