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Wire Welder and Plasma Cutter on Same Cart?

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  • Wire Welder and Plasma Cutter on Same Cart?

    I've found some items and materials to make a Free mobile cart to hold my wire welder, an Argon gas bottle, and a future plasma cutter....

    My question has to do with putting both of them on the same cart. Do you see any problem with the welder and plasma cutter spaced 4" apart and both facing outward and on the same cart?


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    Sounds alright to me, but you are the guy pushing them around...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      The one thing to be leary of is that you dont restrict air flow to the machines. As long as no vents are blocked you should be ok.
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      My sincere thanks , Pete.

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        I plan on doing the same thing with a Spectrum 375 and my Hobart EZ125, so I guess I don't see a problem either. Post pictures when you get it done please.
        Regards, George

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          That is what I did....
          I was careful to make sure I wasn't blocking any cooling openings/fans etc.
          So far, so good.

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            lots of room

            Bill make sure you can protect your wire because the plasma can send the sparks all around and they may pit the wire
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              How often is the "Side Door" opened on the wire welder?

              Cart is almost completed. I'm using the "hammered" paint. In placing the wire welder on the cart, I can put it to the left side. If I do place it on the left end of the cart where the handle is, I will have to always move the welder to open the side door.

              Are there many times when the door to the wire spool and adjustments has to be opened? Will this be a big problem?



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                Welder & Plasma Cutter on same cart

                I'm a hobbyist, after I justified my first mig machine (Millermatic 135) - I had to built the cart. Then there was the project that the 135 couldn't do - in came 200DX tig setup, and another cart... The angle grinder works great for most work, but I "really needed" a cutting torch - a Spectrum 375 fit the bill - and another cart? No I built a second story attachment to add to my TIG cart. Works great!



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                  Got a picture?

                  Could you post a picture or two of you carts?
                  Once the wire is loaded, do you get into your side panel very often?