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Steel Beam for Garage

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    Done... Bought a 2 ton foldable shop crane for $150 at HF.. NEW! Thanks for all the insight.. the SAFEST thing was just to buy a shop crane.


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      If money was no object and you had a real tall garage I've always thought this system would be cool for the home garage:

      Then of course what every home garage needs is a spider crane:
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        hi, in case you want to add a beam later you might want to check out wallace gantry. they got beams and spans listed for there products which you can adapt to yours. i just bought one of those HF 2 ton hoist too. cannot beat the price ! hope you had a coupon!


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          The Snaptrac is similar to what I have planned for my shop in the future. I could move heavy objects anywhere in the shop. Right now I'm using a "cherry picker".
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            KCstott, 14" at 43LB might be a slight over Kill. Thank god you came back and corrected yourself.

            Body Bagger you forgot to give us the calculation for the beam sitting on the block wall.

            Usually the minimum standard for a steel beam bearing on a block wall is to grout with concrete 3 courses down with a plate and mudd hooks inbedded into the wall.

            Remember Grout with concrete not morter.

            Also remember grouting 3 coarses down is a minimum standard.


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              You have to work one of these into your contraptions, these are just too cool. When you get tired of pumping the cherry pickers....

              Battery or plug in.



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                When pulling the tub off a jeep a guy on each corner can easily lift it. When we took mine off we took it where I wanted it then my wife slid a sturdy sawhorse under each corner. I did all my sanding and paint prep that way,but never crawled under it. I like the idea of a gantry crane myself but too much money and effort for little use.